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Empowering People Who Help People!

According to OSHA, An effective violence prevention program is key to fewer injuries, which leads to lower costs for compensation claims, the reduced risk of lawsuits, and better working conditions for stressed-out staff.  Buy-in must happen throughout your organization- and we have the perfect customizable program for you!  We take care of everything, from training and culture implementation, to incident review and consulting on internal reporting and communication.

Organizations bring in the Corporate FACTS™ Program when any of the following applies:

  • You serve the public, and experience interactions with angry or hostile people.
  • You want your staff to know how to de-escalate people who are Cussing, Rude, Aggressive, and Personally insulting
  • Managers feel like babysitters while Employees feel micro-managed (disconnect).
  • Assertive communication is avoided in favor of gossip, cliques, and silos.
  • You have a variety of genders, cultures, and generations struggling to work together.
  • Frustrations abound and your best people are updating their resumes to go elsewhere.

Get the F.A.C.T.S.™   5 Elements of an EMPOWERED Team Culture

  • Feedback: Create expectation and invitation of candid feedback on all levels.
  • Awareness: Yourself, Your Team, Your Customers, and the Monkey.
  • Consistency: Staying consistent in the face of growth or during team changes.
  • Team Dynamics: Building Confident, Competent, Agile and Adaptive Teams.
  • Safety: De-escalating stressful situations and promoting a safe environment

Customization: No two organizations are the same.  We customize the program for you, based on your needs, budget, and scheduling capacity.  This includes Workplace Violence Prevention, Active Shooter, Diversity/Culture/Generation Gap training, Customer Service, Team Dynamics/Communication, Leadership, Change Management, and more.   We discuss your needs, review your programs, survey leadership and employees; and create and implement your program accordingly.

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  • TAMING NASTY CUSTOMERS: Staff confidently diffuses issues with unruly or unreasonable customers, and has the tools to offer options instead of apologies.
  • STRENGTHENED TEAM: Staff has a 3-step track to giving feedback without the sting, increasing morale and respect among their peers, and decreasing sexual harassment claims and other reportable incidents.
  • INCREASED SAFETY: On and off the job, increased awareness, communication, and assertiveness skills help create company-wide buy-in for the security of the workplace.


Workplace Violence Prevention Program


  1. Assessment/Survey of Workplace and Staff
  2. Written Program/Policies Review or Creation
  3. Staff Training at each location:
  • Managers and/or Staff come out of this Training Course knowing your company policy and procedures when faced with potential or immediate workplace violence issues
  • Additional OSHA recommended training courses to assist employees with situations which may lead to potential violence, e.g., self-defense, conflict resolution, stress management, negotiation skills, etc.


Here is a partial list of our most recent companies who have EMPOWERED their teams:

The Oregon Clinic

Multnomah County Library System

Vancouver Regional Library System Confident Employees

Tillamook County Library System

Advantis Credit Union

IBEW Credit Union

Tualatin Chamber of Commerce

City of Hillsboro

City of Beaverton

Multnomah County

Oregon Department of Agriculture

Movement Mortgage

Mason McDuffy Mortgage

Mainlander Property Management

Fidelity Title Co


Portland Metro Association of Realtors

Re/Max Realty

Knipe Realty

Meadows Realty Group

Berkshire Hathaway

Weichert Realty

Number Crunchers on the Go

Discover Chiropractic

True Potential Chiropractic

Nedspace Downtown

Jive Software

Summit Real Estate

Deschutes Brewery

Pacific Seafood Group

Hancock Forest Management

First Choice NW

ODOT Portland

VTM Corporation

Shelter-Products, Inc

Air BnB Portland

Museum of Contemporary Craft

Travel Portland

Schantz Family Law





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